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OAO Services Canada

What is Online Audience Optimization?

OAO is a label for the marketing process of understanding your online audience and using that knowledge to optimize your online marketing.

All good marketers have been trying to do this since about 1995 – Online Audience Optimization is nothing new, but it is the latest buzz word.

Matterhorn Business Solutions in Calgary has designed and created numerous successful websites that use SEO to bring their clients more business than their competitors. Some examples of excellent websites and information are:

  • Carpet Stores Lethbridge – A Lethbridge flooring company that provides high-quality, affordable options for your home, business or workspace.
  • Dyslexia Assessment Calgary – A Calgary learning solutions center for those who struggle with reading, writing and learning.
  • Ballet Tour Canada is presenting The Royal Moscow Ballet’s story of Don Quixote. Riverstreet Productions is a Canadian entertainment company, visit their page above to see when the ballet is near you.
  • Bill Borger – A successful businessman and adventurer.
  • Marc Bombenon has an innate passion for mentoring and advising others achieve their business goals. With an extensive professional background in several business industries like food and beverage, strategic planning, aviation, and telecommunications, he is able to provide concrete advice to ambitious business owners.

How is OAO different from SEO?

It really isn’t. Some people make the mistake of thinking Search Engine Optimization is all about Google. If your primary goal is impressions then maybe OAO is different from SEO.

Any good marketer will tell you it’s all about conversions – creating a transaction (usually financial).

Why do we need to talk about OAO?

Because it puts the focus on the customer. If we think in terms of SEO we get search engine positioning. If we think in terms of SEO and OAO we get positioning and hopefully more transactions.

How do we “do” Online Audience Optimization?

  1. Understand your brand’s story and how it can be significant to the market.

    Good content. This has been around since Jack Trout’s days. Nothing new here. Good research and copywriting.

  2. Use social media.

    Nothing new here. Integrate social media with your website.  Social media helps SEO and can facilitate conversations. Google Plus, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, etc.

  3. Encourage audience participation.

    If, for example, you own a restaurant, your Facebook group to promote your restaurant. Motivate your patrons to do some marketing for you. Turn your Facebook group into an extension of your restaurant.

  4. What’s your mobile strategy.

    The whole point of Online Audience Optimization is understanding your clients. Most likely most of your clients engage with you on their smartphones.

Online Audience Optimization Review

From points one to four you will quickly see that good marketing is OAO!

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