About US

About Canada Online Audience Optimization

Onlineaudienceoptimization.ca is a part of the network of websites from David Howse Marketing Ltd. based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Our core competencies are:

  1. Marketing and Business Consulting through DavidHowseMarketing.com
  2. Public Relations through MatterhornPR.ca
  3. Sales Management (Lead building, sales training, hands-on channel development, cold calling, etc.) through CalgarySalesTeam.com
  4. Online Audience Optimization / OAO Canada through this website.

With CanadaBridalWholesale.com (Harmony Fashion Inc.) we are probably the only business consultants who operate a wholesale company and use it as a test for international business development and retail management before we implement our ideas with our clients.

Call David Howse at 403-991-8863 when you are ready to grow your business.