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Golfing in Canada

Golf is undoubtedly one of the most talked about and practiced sports in Canada. It is considered to be the most economically viable sport in Canada in addition to national hockey league. It is the sport which generates a very high volume of income for Canada as well. It is blatantly obvious that Canadians love golf and are knowledgeable about this sport.

One of the most active organizations working for the benefit of golf is the National Allied Golf Association (NAGA). The NAGA requested an intensive survey to be conducted on golf’s impact and significance on the overall lifestyle of Canadians. This comprehensive and specific study was conducted in 2009 based on the feedback received from over 4,000 golfers and 350 golf courses situated in Canada. Amongst other things, this detailed report provided some surprising features pertaining to the Canadian golf industry, which revealed the best rates per capita in the world based upon six million golfers and seventy million rounds of golf.

The core golfers roughly amount to 2.5 million out of the total 6 million golfers that play the sport of golf in Canada. These Canadian golfers are known to have played 28 rounds per year on average, which of course is at all times subject to playable weather in various parts of Canada. On the basis of the statistics received of the participation rates of golfers alone, it was found that golf is the most played sport in Canada, way ahead of other sports, including hockey. In 2009 alone, Canadian golfers spent around 2.1 billion dollars on golf equipment, 4.1 billion dollars on upkeep and construction of golf courses, 700 million dollars on golf apparel, 1.8 billion on traveling for golfing purposes and 2.3 billion on non-golf industries but for golfing purposes such as hotels and restaurants. If we add up the above-mentioned numbers, the total figure is a staggering 11 billion dollars of golf related activities.

Moreover, the financial impact of golf on the Canadian economy has been significant as well and the golfing industry assisted in creating 341,794 jobs throughout Canada. The residential and commercial units in respect of real estate situated close or around the golf courses saw a sharp increase in their valuation. In view of the above, it is apparent that golfing is a successful business venture for all concerned.

In addition to the above, subsidiary activities such as tourism and charity (it has been estimated in the year 2009 that around 439 million dollars were raised in respect of various charitable activities by means of golf tournaments and other golf-related activities) have flourished throughout Canada on the basis of golfing activities in Canada.

One of the best attributes of golfing in Canada is that it has given opportunities to various students and young adults (approximately 43% of golfing employment) across the country in respect of employment in various sectors relating to golfing activities. The diverse benefits and positive attributes of golfing have been highlighted above in detail which goes a long way in showing the impact this game has had on Canada generally.

Across the globe, people from all walks of life head towards Canada for a golfing vacation which is relaxing and unwinding. Although there are many spots in Canada where golf can be practiced, British Columbia, in particular, provides the most attractive and affordable (with some options starting as cheap as $500 dollars/year) golfing options and packages.

One of the most talked about golfing options in Whistler is Big Sky Golf and Country Club, which is one of the top ten locations to play golf in Canada, providing numerous golfing options in addition to other recreational activities. Once you visit Whistler for golfing purposes, the place is renowned for various scenic beauties and old villages with various sightseeing opportunities, restaurants and shopping places.

Another important destination for golfing is Vancouver Island (North America’s number one visiting spot) with its fantastic golf courses. Vancouver Island is renowned for the varying corporate packages such as Parksville Golf which provides multiple and inexpensive golfing opportunities for all concerned.

Another place where golfing activities can be found in abundance is Kelowna, which has warm and dry weather almost all year round. In particular, the Okanagan Golf Escape deserves a mention which provides the best golf resort.

In BC, Mountain Spirit Resort and Spa is renowned for its golfing activities situated in Kimberly, with condos that are fully furnished if you intend to stay over. They offer numerous packages and discounted rates for families and corporate members which classifies it one of the most sought-after locations in BC.

Whenever opting for vacations in Canada, one must ensure that the golfing packages and other related offers are reviewed and researched thoroughly prior to opting for a particular resort in Canada. One basic factor that most of the visitors look for is other related recreational activities and packages so that the golfers coming with the family or others accompanying them can also entertain themselves. Also, scenic beauties coupled with the beautiful golf courses to play on makes a perfect combination and setting and makes the golfing experience even more pleasurable and engaging.

Also, those interested in purchasing or leasing real estate across Canada show a keen interest in opting for properties located near or around the golf courses or resorts which ensures that their property remains valued for years to come. There are numerous estate agencies that can assist such willing buyers in opting for properties around such golf related places.

Another much-relied option is to search for such golf resorts and courses online that can educate people willing to visit such places.

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